Framed Photograph on Card for Love birds

Pamela Sadhukhan wanted to surprise her special friend with thoughtful gifts and a special card for his birthday. She wanted something designed with a look quite similar to my “Woman in frame” card which I had made some months ago.

So I asked her for a lovely pic of her and her boyfriend, which I then photoshopped and printed in a monochrome so that it matched the overall tone of the card. I used a strong, 250 gsm card for the base, and framed the picture with a cardboard cutout on top. I painted the top with red and orange inks and acrylics, while adding hand cut and handmade flowers and leaves as flourishes to make the card look more unique. I also added the letters, “For you, Saksham” on Pamela’s request.

Inside the card, Pamela wanted me to brush letter a special message for her boyfriend, and also attach a frame so that she could insert a special photograph. The card has been customised to her liking, and every single aspect of it tells a story of the wonderful couple who are very much in love.

If you want to send a personalised card for a special someone with your message brush lettered, please contact me.

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Handmade notebooks with open binding

Recently I got an order from a client to make some handmade notebooks as gifts for their friends. These notebooks have been customised to match the personal requirements of each recipient, and they have been handmade with love and care.

These two notebooks are quite different from the ones I have made so far. Not only have I used handmade paper created from cotton rags this time, but the stitches and binding are open for all to see. 🙂 The handmade paper is completely acid and lignin free, which means that inks will last on the paper for a long time.

One notebook bears a water colour illustration and brush lettered title “Ballad Nocturne” which is sewn into the fabric cover. The gear on the side allows the writer to keep the cord in place, thereby keeping the notebook close when not in use.

The other notebook has a hard cover covered in handmade paper created from banana plant fiber. It is gorgeous and quite strong; you won’t be able to tear this easily. The front cover contains a metal leaf and flower ornament which is connected to a chain and clasp. The edge of the back cover contains a ring to which you can attach the clasp, thereby keeping the book close.

These notebooks are one of a kind; they are perfect to pen down your thoughts in, your poetry and personal stories. If you want to custom order one for yourself or someone special to you, please contact me.

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Little Birdies Notebook Set

I was contacted by Hridesh because he wanted to send a gift to someone special for Rakhi. He wanted me to create a notebook for her, inspired by the concept of birds and nest.

I decided to create a set of 3 notebooks which can be strapped within a strong cover made of chipboard. The straps are elastic bands with colours that match the overall theme of the set. I painted the entire cover with light watercolours and sketched images of birds and birdhouse. Upon request, I also added brush lettered name ‘Sini’ for whom the gift the intended.

The notebooks contain blank pages which are 120 gsm thick, and their edges have been distressed to give them a more handmade appearance. Each of the notebook has a cover of 300 gsm, and bears a hand sketched and painted illustration of a birdhouse.

The cover carries a proper elastic ribbon which is attached with the help of a metal buckle on the front.

This whole notebook set has been customised so that the person using it can relate to it and enjoy writing in it. The notebooks can be easily slid in and out of the cover for use.

I love creating customised notebooks for any occasion or purpose, so please feel free to drop me a message if you are interested.

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Happy Diwali greeting Cards

So Diwali was here this weekend and so was my small exhibition at Derby, UK! 🙂 It was the first time I ever participated in such an event, and I am extremely happy for the opportunity that the organizers of the event gave me. Diwali is the Festival of Lights in India, and it is the celebration of light over darkness, and a new beginning. So I decided to create some Diwali cards for the exhibition!

People in India usually exchange gifts and light ‘Diyas’ and candles to celebrate. These cards are made to suit the occasion, and I added some flowers and leaves (cut and modeled from paper) to add the extra flourishes.

The sentiment “Happy Diwali”  has been brush-lettered using Tombow brush pen, on the base cardstock which is about 300 gsm in weight. To colour the background, I have used acrylics and inks.


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Diwali giveaway!

So Diwali is just around the corner, and I decided this would be the right moment to say thank you to everyone for supporting me, and offer some exciting freebies handmade with love. 🙂  I am posting pictures of three new earrings that I made for this Giveaway, and this time we will have THREE winners! Plus, all participants will get an exclusive 10% discount if they order a customised gift for Diwali.

The rules to participate are:

  • Share my Facebook page Design and Sketch
  • In the comments of the blog post on my website or Facebook post, just mention if you want Earring 1, 2 or 3.

This offer will run for four days (till this Friday) and I will randomly pick three names as winners from the list of participants for the Diwali Giveaway! 🙂 I will then immediately ship the earrings. This Giveaway is open for all, irrespective of where you stay.

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Happy Diwali greeting card

I made these cards as a concept for an enquiry made recently. The idea behind this greetings card is a simple one that focuses mostly on the basic sentiment. The sentiment “Happy Diwali” is  uniquely designed, and printed in rose gold foil which shines as it catches the light. 🙂 The illustrations are water coloured, and a teal ribbon is attached to the bottom of the card for a more elegant look. I also shaped some gold polymer clay into tiny hearts which I then attached on top of the ribbon to make the card more personal and cute.

If you are interested in sending handcrafted cards to a lot of people for a festive occasion, I can design them for you in a manner that is customisable. Nothing can exceed the joy of receiving and giving something that is handmade and uniquely crafted. For customised greetings card, please contact me for more details. I can also recreate the design for a bulk order at a very affordable price!

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Red Rose

Red Rose ring Red Rose ring

My client wanted a ring that would look a little antique, not too flashy and yet something unique that she would be happy to wear to all occasions. I used some brown gold and metallic red colours for the roses that I had made with Sculpey polymer clay. I added some leaves as well to complete the picture. I also added some glossy paints on the surface of the leaves and rose petals to create dew drops.

The paints I have used for this piece are non-toxic and waterproof. The ring itself is expandable, which means that it can become a perfect fit for anyone who wears it. The look is nothing too glitzy, and yet it is illustrative enough to catch people’s eye.

If you like the jewellery pieces I make, please contact me for a custom order.

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Big plans! :)

Finally, out of my nest!

I had been quite comfortable so far in keeping my own handiwork within my nest, shaded from the critique of passersby. But critique is necessary, as are words of encouragement, so that I can improve and be better than the ‘me’ of yesterday. So finally, my site is up live for everyone to see and comment on! Your feedback will be helpful. Any suggestions are welcome. And if you like my work to ask me to make something for you, I will be humbled.

What am I doing here?

I love doing what I do: I draw, sketch, paint and experiment to create something that will not only serve as a nice addition to the surrounding décor of our homes but also be functional in some way. I love building objects that are interactive and come with some purpose.

I am excited to take this passion of mine even further, and this is indeed the start of a long journey for me. I am hoping for a good adventure 🙂 and hence-

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