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Diwali giveaway!

So Diwali is just around the corner, and I decided this would be the right moment to say thank you to everyone for supporting me, and offer some exciting freebies handmade with love. 🙂  I am posting pictures of three new earrings that I made for this Giveaway, and this time we will have THREE winners! Plus, all participants will get an exclusive 10% discount if they order a customised gift for Diwali.

The rules to participate are:

  • Share my Facebook page Design and Sketch
  • In the comments of the blog post on my website or Facebook post, just mention if you want Earring 1, 2 or 3.

This offer will run for four days (till this Friday) and I will randomly pick three names as winners from the list of participants for the Diwali Giveaway! 🙂 I will then immediately ship the earrings. This Giveaway is open for all, irrespective of where you stay.

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a little chaos necklace

Price: Rs. 1200 including delivery

Playing with clay is a lot of fun! This pendant carries a floret of red petals with leaves and some beads sprinkled on top. The piece is designed to be a bit random, with a chaotic bunch of flower petals representing the floral imagery in its abstract form.

The pendant is attached to a metal chain, and has a fastener on the end that can be easily locked into place. This whole piece has a unique design, and can be worn with any traditional or trendy garment.

If you want me to design a unique, customised necklace for you, please contact me.

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Peacock rose ring

peacock rosePeacock rose


Anusriya wanted a customised ring that she could wear to formal occasions. She wanted two rings that she could wear at the same time, with a chain connecting the two.

I added some clay roses and leaves, which I painted with teal, blue and green metallic colours. The colours are waterproof and completely non-toxic. The ring on the side has a metal flower with a small white stone in the middle.

Together, these rings create an interesting look which is unusual yet quirky. The whole look (motifs, colours etc) has been customised so that Anusriya could relate to it on a personal level.

If you are interested in getting a customised ring or other jewelry pieces, please contact me and I will get back to you immediately.

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Magnet Décor


Pragya wanted some magnet décor, so I decided to make quite different types of pieces that would lend an interesting charm to the surrounding, and also be interactive in some way. The “Frame my roses” magnet can be put as the centrepiece on the fridge door, or on any magnetic board. I made the roses and leaves with clay and placed them on top of a metal base. The frame is made of chipboard and I painted it to give it an interesting look that would complement the colours of the centre magnet piece.

“Write and Doodle” Chalkboard magnet contains a surface on which you can write or doodle tiny things for fun! I shaped the frame, roses and leaves with polymer clay, and used a chipboard piece (that I cut out) to create the chalk board surface.

If you are interested in buying customised magnet pieces from me, please contact me by filling up the form.

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Free giveaway Contest Results!

Giveaway bracelet for RakhiGiveaway bracelet for RakhiGiveaway bracelet for Rakhi


So folks! I had started a free giveaway contest for Rakhi, where the winner would win this bracelet for participating and sharing my Facebook Page. The winner was selected randomly from the list of participants who entered the contest, and I am finally happy to announce the winner! 🙂

The winner of this Rakhi free giveaway contest is Amrita Kar ! 😀 Congratulations, Amrita! 

The bracelet is made with metal trinkets and roses and leaves which I shaped with Polymer clay. The bracelet comes with three jump rings that can be easily taken out and attached to the band so as to create the perfect fit for the person who wears it. The paints I have used for this jewellery piece are non-toxic and waterproof.

If you are inspired by my designs and handicraft work, please contact me for any queries regarding my products.

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Red Rose

Red Rose ring Red Rose ring

My client wanted a ring that would look a little antique, not too flashy and yet something unique that she would be happy to wear to all occasions. I used some brown gold and metallic red colours for the roses that I had made with Sculpey polymer clay. I added some leaves as well to complete the picture. I also added some glossy paints on the surface of the leaves and rose petals to create dew drops.

The paints I have used for this piece are non-toxic and waterproof. The ring itself is expandable, which means that it can become a perfect fit for anyone who wears it. The look is nothing too glitzy, and yet it is illustrative enough to catch people’s eye.

If you like the jewellery pieces I make, please contact me for a custom order.

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“Flowers of Yore” bracelet

Contact me if you want me to customise a bracelet for you.

For a long while, I wanted to create metal embellishments but never managed to get started. Finally, I went for it and I certainly had an incredible time making a fine bracelet that can bring a different charm to any attire you choose to wear. Whether you want to go ethnic or western while dressing up for an occasion, this bracelet can match your overall look perfectly!

For this bracelet, I have used mostly metal trinkets. For the pendant (which measures 1.25″ in diameter), I shaped some Sculpey clay to resemble flowers and leaves. After that, I painted the clay and pendant with metallic acrylics to give them a more antique sheen. I added a few white beads to complete the look.

The look I wanted to create was a rusty, vintage silver for this jewellery piece.  I usually customise for all my orders, so if this bracelet inspires you to want one, please contact me and we can discuss your order.

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