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Framed Photograph on Card for Love birds

Pamela Sadhukhan wanted to surprise her special friend with thoughtful gifts and a special card for his birthday. She wanted something designed with a look quite similar to my “Woman in frame” card which I had made some months ago.

So I asked her for a lovely pic of her and her boyfriend, which I then photoshopped and printed in a monochrome so that it matched the overall tone of the card. I used a strong, 250 gsm card for the base, and framed the picture with a cardboard cutout on top. I painted the top with red and orange inks and acrylics, while adding hand cut and handmade flowers and leaves as flourishes to make the card look more unique. I also added the letters, “For you, Saksham” on Pamela’s request.

Inside the card, Pamela wanted me to brush letter a special message for her boyfriend, and also attach a frame so that she could insert a special photograph. The card has been customised to her liking, and every single aspect of it tells a story of the wonderful couple who are very much in love.

If you want to send a personalised card for a special someone with your message brush lettered, please contact me.

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Happy Diwali greeting Cards

So Diwali was here this weekend and so was my small exhibition at Derby, UK! 🙂 It was the first time I ever participated in such an event, and I am extremely happy for the opportunity that the organizers of the event gave me. Diwali is the Festival of Lights in India, and it is the celebration of light over darkness, and a new beginning. So I decided to create some Diwali cards for the exhibition!

People in India usually exchange gifts and light ‘Diyas’ and candles to celebrate. These cards are made to suit the occasion, and I added some flowers and leaves (cut and modeled from paper) to add the extra flourishes.

The sentiment “Happy Diwali”  has been brush-lettered using Tombow brush pen, on the base cardstock which is about 300 gsm in weight. To colour the background, I have used acrylics and inks.


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Happy Diwali greeting card

I made these cards as a concept for an enquiry made recently. The idea behind this greetings card is a simple one that focuses mostly on the basic sentiment. The sentiment “Happy Diwali” is  uniquely designed, and printed in rose gold foil which shines as it catches the light. 🙂 The illustrations are water coloured, and a teal ribbon is attached to the bottom of the card for a more elegant look. I also shaped some gold polymer clay into tiny hearts which I then attached on top of the ribbon to make the card more personal and cute.

If you are interested in sending handcrafted cards to a lot of people for a festive occasion, I can design them for you in a manner that is customisable. Nothing can exceed the joy of receiving and giving something that is handmade and uniquely crafted. For customised greetings card, please contact me for more details. I can also recreate the design for a bulk order at a very affordable price!

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Wedding Card

Wedding Card for Tattya Wedding Card for Tattya Wedding Card for TattyaThis has been a very interesting project for me. Someone I have known for a very long time is getting married in the coming year, and she wanted me to design a special card for her ‘Tattya’. This is a special part of Indian marriage ceremony where the families of the bride and bridegroom arrange and decorate gifts for the couple. Suparba wanted to add a card that would go perfectly well with arranged gifts, and I designed one that would fit her requirements perfectly.

She wanted a card that is a bit unusual, with grains, halud (turmeric) and sindoor (vermillion) added to the card somehow. I decided to create a brush-lettered monogram in gold for the lovely couple, and I added the ingredients under the acetate cover so that they do not fall out.

I added some flowers that I painted in gold on the side, to create a more luxurious look that would suit the wedding occasion. For the cardstock I used red 280 gsm paper, which is strong and thick enough to not tear or bend easily.

The card inside has been left blank so that the couple could write anything they wanted, thereby being able to personalise the message and meaning of the card even more. I also made a cover with a simple gold heart painting on the top.

I had been working on making wedding invitation cards recently, so Suparba’s request came at a very good time! 🙂 Plus, I had the honour of creating something unique that she could use for her wedding, and nothing can beat that feeling of making the bride-to-be truly happy!

If you want me to design a card for you (for any occasion), please feel free to contact me via this form.

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Love you birdie mini tag

love you birdie mini tag1-1 love you birdie tag-1

Decided to make a mini tag today to experiment different ways to share greetings and joy.  Paper is of 180gsm which means that it is quite sturdy and won’t tear easily.  The paperflowers are hand cut and hand crafted.

Have been having a blast recently while making paper flowers! I am thinking of making them my next week’s project!


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“Woman in the frame” greeting card with photo frame inside.

Price: Rs. 475 (India) / $15 (World) including delivery.

The card comes with a photo frame inside. I can resize the frame to fit a photo of your choice.

Optional extra gig: A brush-lettered sentiment or message of 10 words or less for Rs. 90 (India)/ $2 (World).


I wanted to create a card that was elegant and vibrant for any special occasion. The colours that I have used for the background are green and blue gouache, with inked patterns to create a more eye-catching effect. The frame and flowers have been handcrafted to create a 3D effect, and I painted the woman’s face inside with matt acrylic to complete the entire image. The sentiment “With Love” has been brush-lettered, and I can also brush-letter any sentiment or message that you might want on the inside for an additional price.

The size of the card is 6” by 8.27″ and is made from an imported cardstock that is 200 gsm in thickness. The card can be easily propped up on a table or shelf, and will not tear or bend easily. The paints I have used are water reactive and should be kept safely dry.

The card comes with a photo frame inside, and I can resize it depending on the photo you intend to use. You can click on the order button to fill in information about the size of the photo you prefer, and also mention if you want me to brush-letter any messages.

The card will not come in any normal envelope because it has a raised surface. I have handcrafted a special box bound by beautiful twining that can keep the card safely inside.

All the materials that I work with are imported.

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“Friends forever” greeting Card for Sale

Price: Rs. 350 (India) / $10 (World) + including delivery charge

Optional extra gig: Brush lettered sentiment or message of 10 words or less for Rs. 90/ $2.

Sorry, this product has already been sold. If you want to order for something similar please contact me.


From the happy moments to the dark ones, we have our friends to back us up no matter what! For all the support they provide and the exciting adventures they share with us, they deserve a hug and our best wishes!

This “Friends forever” card celebrates the strong, loving friends we are all lucky to have in our lives. You do not need any special day to say thanks to your friends. Why not gift them this card and let them know how much you appreciate them?

This card is watercoloured with highly pigmented ink and markers. The illustration is unique and the card base is about 200 gsm thick (it won’t tear or bend easily). The card comes with a matching handmade envelope.

All of the materials I work with are imported.

The inside of the card is usually left blank, but I can brush letter a custom message for you for an extra Rs. 90 / $2. The brush lettered message will have only 10 words max for the best visual impact.

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Birthday Card for Lovebirds

Customised order. 

The client wanted a customised card for his partner’s birthday. He wanted some flowers and twinings for his card, with the colours mostly focused on blue. I also added a small brush lettered message on the bottom left corner label to create more visual interest and to help personalise the message that the card could convey to the recipient.

The flowers are cut and shaped so that the card gets a 3d visual appeal. Small pearls have been added in the centre of the flowers, while the background has a wash of blue and pink hue.

Everything about this card – the overall design, look, colours, illustrations and brush lettered messages- have been customised to fit the requirement of the client. This card is truly unique, with a design and message that the recipient can immediately relate to.

Price: Rs. 450 + Delivery Charge

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giant Cupcake Birthday Card for sale

Price: Rs. 350 (India)/ $10 (World) including delivery charge.

Extra optional gig: A brush lettered message or sentiment of 10 words or less for additional Rs. 90 / $2


It is fun to gift friends and family a birthday card that they can relate to. Where is the fun of gifting a card that is mass produced with non-customised images? Your friend loves cake? Great! How about a card that shows a giant cupcake?

This is a hand drawn and painted card that I made using inks, gouache, markers and imported heavy cardstock that will not easily tear or bend. The card base is peacock green in colour. Parts of the image are also covered in glossy paint. Click here if you want to buy this Giant Cupcake Birthday Card.

I can draw different images for birthday events. So if you want to buy a customised birthday card from me, click here to fill up the form and I will get back to you shortly!


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