Happy Diwali greeting Cards

So Diwali was here this weekend and so was my small exhibition at Derby, UK! 🙂 It was the first time I ever participated in such an event, and I am extremely happy for the opportunity that the organizers of the event gave me. Diwali is the Festival of Lights in India, and it is the celebration of light over darkness, and a new beginning. So I decided to create some Diwali cards for the exhibition!

People in India usually exchange gifts and light ‘Diyas’ and candles to celebrate. These cards are made to suit the occasion, and I added some flowers and leaves (cut and modeled from paper) to add the extra flourishes.

The sentiment “Happy Diwali”  has been brush-lettered using Tombow brush pen, on the base cardstock which is about 300 gsm in weight. To colour the background, I have used acrylics and inks.


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