“Friends forever” greeting Card for Sale

Price: Rs. 350 (India) / $10 (World) + including delivery charge

Optional extra gig: Brush lettered sentiment or message of 10 words or less for Rs. 90/ $2.

Sorry, this product has already been sold. If you want to order for something similar please contact me.


From the happy moments to the dark ones, we have our friends to back us up no matter what! For all the support they provide and the exciting adventures they share with us, they deserve a hug and our best wishes!

This “Friends forever” card celebrates the strong, loving friends we are all lucky to have in our lives. You do not need any special day to say thanks to your friends. Why not gift them this card and let them know how much you appreciate them?

This card is watercoloured with highly pigmented ink and markers. The illustration is unique and the card base is about 200 gsm thick (it won’t tear or bend easily). The card comes with a matching handmade envelope.

All of the materials I work with are imported.

The inside of the card is usually left blank, but I can brush letter a custom message for you for an extra Rs. 90 / $2. The brush lettered message will have only 10 words max for the best visual impact.

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