“Flowers of Yore” bracelet

Contact me if you want me to customise a bracelet for you.

For a long while, I wanted to create metal embellishments but never managed to get started. Finally, I went for it and I certainly had an incredible time making a fine bracelet that can bring a different charm to any attire you choose to wear. Whether you want to go ethnic or western while dressing up for an occasion, this bracelet can match your overall look perfectly!

For this bracelet, I have used mostly metal trinkets. For the pendant (which measures 1.25″ in diameter), I shaped some Sculpey clay to resemble flowers and leaves. After that, I painted the clay and pendant with metallic acrylics to give them a more antique sheen. I added a few white beads to complete the look.

The look I wanted to create was a rusty, vintage silver for this jewellery piece.  I usually customise for all my orders, so if this bracelet inspires you to want one, please contact me and we can discuss your order.

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