Magnet Décor


Pragya wanted some magnet décor, so I decided to make quite different types of pieces that would lend an interesting charm to the surrounding, and also be interactive in some way. The “Frame my roses” magnet can be put as the centrepiece on the fridge door, or on any magnetic board. I made the roses and leaves with clay and placed them on top of a metal base. The frame is made of chipboard and I painted it to give it an interesting look that would complement the colours of the centre magnet piece.

“Write and Doodle” Chalkboard magnet contains a surface on which you can write or doodle tiny things for fun! I shaped the frame, roses and leaves with polymer clay, and used a chipboard piece (that I cut out) to create the chalk board surface.

If you are interested in buying customised magnet pieces from me, please contact me by filling up the form.

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