Big plans! :)

Finally, out of my nest!

I had been quite comfortable so far in keeping my own handiwork within my nest, shaded from the critique of passersby. But critique is necessary, as are words of encouragement, so that I can improve and be better than the ‘me’ of yesterday. So finally, my site is up live for everyone to see and comment on! Your feedback will be helpful. Any suggestions are welcome. And if you like my work to ask me to make something for you, I will be humbled.

What am I doing here?

I love doing what I do: I draw, sketch, paint and experiment to create something that will not only serve as a nice addition to the surrounding décor of our homes but also be functional in some way. I love building objects that are interactive and come with some purpose.

I am excited to take this passion of mine even further, and this is indeed the start of a long journey for me. I am hoping for a good adventure 🙂 and hence-

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