Birdsong Notebook

Jayanti wanted a notebook for herself, with some decorations on the cover that relates to music and flowers. She also wanted a timepiece. I decided to use Chipboard pieces (that I cut using my machine) to create a foliage of branches and flowers, with two birds sitting on top right in front of the clock.

This notebook cover can be easily taken out and slipped on as per the convenience of the writer. The notebook is handmade, and the pages are of 100 gsm weight and high-quality with a slightly lined texture on them. The notebook contains 50 pages of A5 size. I sent Jayanti a sample of different types of papers, and I used the one she chose.

This entire piece has been completely customised so that the writer can relate to it on a personal level. If you want me to make a customised notebook for you, please contact me .

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