“Musical Notes” Notebook

My client wanted a customised notebook for her friend. Since her friend is into music, I designed some illustrations of a guitar and drums with musical notes, and books that I could print on the pages of the notebook.

The print is permanent and also light enough so that the writing would be easily visible. I stitched the pages to create a black cover notebook with rounded curves on the corners. I also made a separate cover for the notebook, and the owners can have the option of taking the cover off if they wish to do so.

The notebook was an extra special project for me to design. 🙂 I decided to paint the cover with pink and yellow hues, covered in a vintage brown that creates a great look overall. To complete the illustration, I added some 3D embellishments which were not thick or heavy enough so as to make the notebook cumbersome to use. The embellishments I have used are chipboard and metal trinkets which I then painted with waterproof and non-toxic paints. I wanted to give the cover a very ‘engineered’ look which appears a bit ornate and yet not too heavily embellished. Among the embellishments, I decided to use the number ‘3’ because it is one of the magical numbers that consistently appears in great epics. 🙂

My client wanted the word ‘Meraki’ to be displayed on the cover as well. Meraki stands for creativity, and this whole notebook is intended to be a part of the inspiration to jot down new ideas and thoughts which are significant in the process of creating something heartwarmingly beautiful. I had brush lettered the ‘Meraki’ word and covered it in foil, which shines when it catches the light. I placed it inside an ornate pendant so that the word can be nestled in a special way on the cover of the notebook.

The pages I have used for this notebook are of 100 gsm and are high-quality. They have some texture on them as well. The paper was chosen by the client from the samples I sent her, which means that this notebook is completely personalised in a way that is unique.

If you are interested in receiving a customised notebook for yourself or someone you want to gift to, please contact me and we can discuss what you have in mind!

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