Handmade Leatherette Covers and Hand stitched Customised Notebooks

(Customised order)

Deboleena Rakshit wanted a customised planner which she could use for her work meetings. As per her requirements, I designed 3 different layouts for 3 different notebooks. Designed layouts focus on the meeting details, contact information and the lists of things that she needs to do.

Moreover, I have provided unique stickers as well, which she can use to make the content more interactive. One designed sticker can show which content is more important than others. Other stickers are meant to denote travel, ideas and “to-do” tasks.

The notebooks are hand stitched and made from high quality imported paper. I also keep papers of different qualities in stock, and I send samples to my clients beforehand so that they can decide which paper they will need.

The leatherette cover is also imported and highly durable. It can be used for a long time, which means that you can buy new notebooks and slip them inside the cover when you are done with the current ones. The cover is hand stitched on all sides to create a nice visual interest.

Price: Rs. 2200 (India)/ $40 (World) including delivery charge as the starting price. The price can increase depending on the customised work that the client may require). If you are interested, please contact me.

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