“Woman in Frame” greeting Card with photo frame inside

Price: Price: Rs. 475 (India) / $15 (World) including delivery.
Optional extra gig: A brush-lettered sentiment or message of 10 words or less for Rs. 90 (India)/ $2 (World).


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The card comes with a photo frame inside. I can resize the frame to fit a photo of your choice.

I wanted to create a card that was elegant and vibrant for any special occasion. The colours that I have used for the background are green and blue gouache, with inked patterns to create a more eye-catching effect. The frame and flowers have been handcrafted to create a 3D effect, and I painted the woman’s face inside with matt acrylic to complete the entire image. The sentiment “With Love” has been brush-lettered, and I can also brush-letter any sentiment or message that you might want on the inside for an additional price.

The size of the card is 6” by 8.27″ and is made from an imported cardstock that is 200 gsm in thickness. The card can be easily propped up on a table or shelf, and will not tear or bend easily. The paints I have used are water reactive and should be kept safely dry.

The card comes with a photo frame inside, and I can resize it depending on the photo you intend to use. You can click on the order button to fill in information about the size of the photo you want to use, and also mention if you want me to brush-letter any messages.

The card will not come in any normal envelope because it has a raised surface. I have handcrafted a special box bound by beautiful twining that can keep the card safely inside.

All the materials that I work with are imported.