giant Cupcake Birthday Card

Price: Rs. 350 (India) / $10 (World) including delivery
Optional extra gig: Brush lettered message or sentiment for 10 words or less for an additional Rs. 90 / $2


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It is fun to gift friends and family a birthday card that they can relate to. Where is the fun of gifting a card that is mass produced with non-customised images? Your friend loves cake? Great! How about a card that shows a giant cupcake?

This is a hand drawn and painted card that I made using inks, gouache, markers and imported heavy cardstock that will not easily tear or bend. The card is 5.75″ by 8.27″. Parts of the image are also covered in glossy paint. Click here if you want to buy this Giant Cupcake Birthday Card.

I can draw different images for birthday events. So if you want to buy a customised birthday card from me, click here to fill up the form and I will get back to you shortly!